The Courage Group, Inc.

We specialize in turning ideas into businesses.

The Courage Group,® Inc.

Start your own business, take control of your life.

The Courage Group,® Inc.

We specialize in turning ideas into new businesses.

The Courage Group,® Inc.

Start your own business, take control of your life.

The Courage Group,® Inc.

We specialize in turning ideas into businesses.

meet neil

Company Founder, Neil F. Anderson has been helping startups since 2001. (First client was on 9/11)

Neil is a published author, media contributor and speaker on entrepreneurship for  The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Minneapolis StarTribune,, USA,, Fortune Small Business,  City of Chicago, Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Home Business,  JCFS Chicago,, Chicagoland Television, WGN Radio/WGN TV, NBC 5 Chicago, Fox 9 News, KARE 11 News, (Twin Cities)  LHH, Right Management Consultants, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Business, National Association of Seed and Venture Funds and non-profits.

The Business

We help new entrepreneurs with the first steps. Don’t spend countless hours searching for experienced and proven startup help.  Avoid the common and fatal startup mistakes. Startup here.

What we do

We will prepare you for entrepreneurship. Or help you start it. With our experienced startup consulting and  24-hour, Minnesota Incorporating or LLC + Formations. Flat fees only.  Startup here.

The Courage Group Story

Like many of his clients, Neil spent many years in the corporate world. Then one day, a new boss. Adios Neil.

Then the light bulb went off, asking himself, why not start my own business?

Why not control my own time, income, and destiny?

Neil did a gut-check and made the decision to start a business. A business that helps people, especially boomers, and Plan B retirees, start businesses from scratch.

The Courage Group, Inc., was born with $2,400 in startup capital.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Courage Group, Inc.?

A startup consulting and  Minnesota, Incorporating/LLC Formation services company.

What services do you provide?

1. 24 Hour, Minnesota Incorporating & LLC Formation services. And startup consulting.

Does your company provide legal or financial advice?

No. We are not a legal or CPA firm. We are a Startup Consulting an Incorporating/LLC Formation Services Provider. 

Does The Courage Group form corporations or LLC’s outside the State of Minnesota?


Does the Courage Group form Minnesota Non-Profit Corporations, Minnesota Nonprofit Limited Liability Companies or Minnesota Limited Partnerships?

No. Only for Profit, S or C Corporations and LLC’s (Limited Liability Companies)

Do you provide clients with startup consulting?

Yes, included with our Premium LLC/Incorporating Formation Packages. Or separate Startup Consulting Package.

Does The Courage Group decide for me on which entity is best for organizing my new business?

No, our clients come to us, after they have done their homework. And have decided that either an S or C corporation or  LLC is the best business entity for their  needs. And after conducting their own research, discussing needs with their attorney and/or CPA.

Can The Courage Group help me come up with my new business name?

Yes. Business Name Development is included (no extra fee) in both our MN, Premium/Economy Incorporating or LLC Formation packages. Or as separate, flat fee service.

I ‘m already incorporated or have formed my LLC, but I now need proven start-up advice now. Does your company offer that?

Yes,  with our Launch Package.

Who are your clients?

New, starting from scratch, encore, Plan B entrepreneurs. Primarily ages 45 and up.

How do you charge for your services?

Our services are always flat fee prices, no hourly fees here.

Do you offer free consultations?


Is Neil available for hire for entrepreneur speaking events?

Yes. If you are a marketer, and looking for new ways to attract, bring in new customers, use “How To Start a Business” event topic. A very popular topic for people of all ages. (365 days) Great way to get potential customers in the front door. Especially with brick and mortar retailers and banks.

I need a business website and other corporate identity needs, does your company offer these services?

No. But here is a link to a company that does and offers great value at affordable services. “Like getting Champagne for the price of a beer.”

I need Trademark, Patent, Copyright and other business legal services, does The Courage Group provide legal help?

No. The Courage Group is not a legal firm.  Here is a law firm that we work with, and highly recommend  for your trademark, patent, or copyright needs. Winthrop & Weinstine.

Why did Founder, Neil F. Anderson, name the company The Courage Group, Inc.?

You have to have courage to start your own business from scratch. Plus, he also wanted to honor and dedicate the company after his father, Ralph E. Anderson. And all the other U.S. Army Infantrymen, who had served in the Korean War.


A Sampling of Client Thoughts

“It was a lucky day that I got referred to Neil at The Courage Group to help me set up my business. He was patient, explained the process clearly and got it done fast, complete and very professionally. But what I got out of my contract with Neil was way above registering my company and getting all the paperwork done.  He generously shared his advice, tips and experiences including a lot of great templates and thought starter points.”

Neshat Soofi

Founder, Experts Hive, LLC

“As you venture into entrepreneurship it’s really important to have clear, sound advice and support. Neil Anderson of The Courage Group provided this and more. Guiding me effectively through the process from naming to company registration and pro-actively bringing his wealth of knowledge to ensure I
understood critical success factors and avoided pitfalls during the start-up phase of my business.”

James C. Robertson

CEO, Blue Wave Growth, LLC

“Neil Anderson of The Courage Group helped set up our technology consulting company ADX Research, Inc. Neil is highly competent and dedicated. He took care of the paperwork for incorporating our company very quickly so that we could continue to focus on our core business. Additionally, he provides a lot of relevant materials and advice that is appropriate for a new business. The fixed fee structure provides excellent value. It’s been a pleasure working with Neil. We would definitely go to him for help with marketing and other related areas.”

Pallab Midya, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, ADX Research, Inc

“The Courage Group was instrumental in helping to get our remodeling business up and running. They were prompt, expeditiously worked through the necessary steps, saving us an unimaginable amount of time, Overall, it was a great experience working with them; any entrepreneur or aspiring new business owner would benefit greatly from The Courage Group’s services.”

Rosi/Andrew Vaughan

Co-Founders, DRV Innovations, Inc.

I was a restless businessman looking for direction in the presentation of my business plan for funding. Serendipitously, I came across Neil Anderson, who like a patient sage guided me through the first and the last draft of my business plan. “The Courage Group did a great job of helping me develop and write a very credible, professional and compelling business plan. With they’re personalized, one-on-one help, I was able to write my business plan much faster than I expected. They also helped me condense my completed business plan into a persuasive and concise investor presentation. Armed with the right paperwork, I was able to successfully secure angel investor funding for my business. Now, here is an inspirational man, whose determination and knowledge of the business environment is acute beyond comprehension. His own path in business had steeled and forged an expert that is right on, on almost every issue in the consummation of a successful business. He is positive, aware of your hurdles, and is utterly proactive with that infectious enthusiasm, which you cannot help but succumb to it. For what he has accomplished, Neil Anderson is very humble, persistent and the best entrepreneurial evangelist around. He is also a brilliant PR man, who had facilitated my business’s appearance on CLTV few years back. Fortunately, the facts are with him, and he is a walking testimonial for the way he conducts himself and his business, and I am ecstatic for having him on my side!”

Raju Peddada

Founder, Peddada

“Neil from The Courage Group was a big help to my partner and me when we started our business in 2006. Starting our business and where to begin was a huge unknown for us. Neil helped us start off on the right foot. After four years, we are going strong and doing well.”

Phil Maloney

President , New Way Search Partners, Inc.

“Neil was instrumental in getting my business up and running. Not only did he handle all the paperwork and filings, he also provided a huge volume of supporting materials and personal experiences that made becoming an entrepreneur less intimidating. I highly recommend The Courage Group!”


ERIC ROESKE  Member/Owner, MG Security Group, LLC.


“The toughest thing in starting a new business is maintaining focus on doing the productive tasks. The Courage Group helped sort out the time consuming job of incorporation quickly and easily, while I stayed focused on the bigger issues like product development, sales and marketing strategy, etc. In addition, they kept me motivated and enthused about the challenges of entrepreneurialism. The Courage Group helped me with the first steps, and they have kept me walking ever since. The Courage Group has helped us with two businesses.”

Joe Heron

Founder/CEO, Crispin Cider Company • Ardea Beverage Company

“When I decided to start my own company, I turned to The Courage Group. They took the stress, confusion, and time out of incorporating my company. I used the time saved on planning activities allowing me to begin building my company more quickly. I highly recommend The Courage Group to any new entrepreneur who need help starting and growing their new business.”

M. Grace Sielaff

Founder/President, M. Grace Designs, Inc.

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